Millionaire of the week

Matthew Von Walters

Von Walters Investments and Ventures Inc.

Matthew Von Walters, accomplished sailer and beloved singer, founded VWIVI in 2003, with one big mission statement: to apply the values of synergy and human capital to business ventures and other fiduciary instruments as guidelines of the building blocks of corporate foundation as per ventures incorporated and such as.

Just a few years later VWIVI is now a huge multi-nation corporation. It's so big that it's like maybe Von Walters is a bad guy from a James Bond movie, except he's entirely sweet abd all of his body parts work normally (Some of them way above average..) but he's not a bad guy. Well he's a little bad, drives a heavy motorcycle, that kind of thing, but just exactly the right amount of bad where he's interesting and the right women really could turn him into a great catch. Real boyfriend material, if we're being honest. She'd have to be really special however.
Von Walter is the industry leader in women's fashion, walk-in closets, chocolate and extreme female orgasms.